internet shutdown

As India has faced so many internet shutdown till today it has made India known as “internet shutdown capital of the world“. From Kashmir to Assam, West Bengal and many areas of Delhi has faced internet shutdown. For 2019, 95 times there was internet shutdown in India. 67% of world’s recorded shutdown took place in India.

In Kashmir internet service have been blocked for 139 days till today and Kashmiri’s are protesting for no internet in the region for so long. In Kashmir internet service was suspended on 4th August till now. The Government of India gives various reasons for the internet shutdown but its mainly for the social unrest. The internet shutdown are reported in many other parts of the country including the capital of India. On 10th December north eastern states of India I.e. Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh faced internet shutdown, on 11th December Assam faced internet shutdown, 12th December Meghalaya faced internet shutdown, 13th December internet shutdown in Aligarh, UP and 15th December in Bengal and on 19th December in some parts of Delhi as these shutdowns are in gaps, there are no continuous shutdowns. These shutdowns are taking place ahead of the nationwide protest against CAA.

Internet shutdown has various impact and which is very concerning thing for for us. It impacts the businesses as they are facing losses like there are dealings and payment procedures made through the online process. Internet shutdown is a human right to know every information through the internet, many students are also facing problem as they have to use internet for various purposes and there are colleges and Universities which give information to the students regarding their status in the college and about other things as well, there are payment procedures to pay fee done through the online process the students can’t even take courses available on the Internet which help the students for their studies. There are many online businesses which are facing loss because of the internet shutdown

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