vape ban

Government of India recently surprised the citizens with another ginormous announcement. Electronic cigarettes are now being banned in the India.

Electronic cigarette is an electric device that emits doses of
non-nicotine solutions, or vaporized nicotine , for the user to inhale. It aims to provide an identical sensation to inhaling tobacco smoke, without the smoke. It was produced with the aim of providing a safer and cleaner substitute to tobacoo products.

Any kind of production, sale, purchase, export, import, transport or advertisement of such alternative smoking devices will attract severe punishments.

Jail term of upto 1 year and fine of 1 lakh for first time violators has been decided as of now. Cabinet decided to ban such products as they pose serious harm to health and safety of people. Authorised officials are permitted to search the premises of e-cig manufaturers , traders or suppliers.

It is a gloomy day for e-cigarette producers. They say that the govt. is depriving the citizens of safer and less harmful options to smoking and thus call it a black day for crores of smokers in India.They also demand action against other tobacoo related products still being mass produced and consumed in the country.

What do you guys think of this move by the government ?
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