Since election season has already been kicked off, you’ll be seeing all the parties giving their best to influence your vote in their favour.

Well, this is an absolute rant. Some harsh truth lies therein. Few lines will yank you out of delusion and denial, pointing at the pits we are stuck in.

So, let’s begin.

First of all, this is no USA. We don’t follow Presidential Elections. That’s the basic education about Indian Democracy which is required right now.

What we can do instead of debating and all? EDUCATE ABOUT THE BASICS OF DEMOCRACY FIRST.

Don’t you think, people should know what their vote means?
Don’t you think, people should secure their Area first, rather than looking for the whole country? Well, that’s the meaning of democracy at first.
You don’t vote for the Prime Minister. You vote for the MP from your respective area.
These MPs elect the Prime Minister of the country.

One thing. People of this country just follow a SHIT LOGIC, “Our PM like this, Our PM like that.”
Nobody talks about the MLA or MP.


Why nobody questions Municipal Corporation?

Do you think Indians even have basic knowledge of democracy?

Forget everything, take an example of a simple household.

Your dad expects you to Clean your room, or wants you to go outside and renovate the whole house? Including whitewash etc.? Does he?

The economically weaker sections of our country, Do you even think they’ll care about the PM of the country?
Sounds harsh?


Hypothetically, suppose Mr. A (Ruling party) is the PM of the country, and the MP of the region is Mr. B (Opposition party)

MP does his job perfectly. He provides every necessity to these economically weaker segment.
And on the other hand, the PM is just okayish.

Will they even care about the PM?
Will they care about Defence equipments purchased?
Will they care about Nuclear Energy?
Will they care about International Relations?

I guess no?
They’ll care just about their household. Their monthly income. THEIR IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT.
Education opportunities provided to their kids.

Education is the key mate, which sadly not many politicians in today’s era focus upon, Deliberately.
Obviously, educated ones get’s the real essence of Democracy.
Securing vote-banks is anyday a priority for the politicians.


You need courage to reply with the work. Situations won’t favour you everytime. If you’re doing good to the citizens you get good from the citizens.
Nobody can stop a party from becoming the ruling party.

Around 22% of India’s population is under the poverty line. Do you know how huge that figure is?
If not bpl(below poverty line), literacy rate does the talking.

EDUCATE FIRST. Stop fighting like Tom and Jerry.

Stick to basics, Health and Education. See the growth.

So many questions mate. We can do absolutely nothing, just vote.

Keep your surroundings good, circle awesome, focus on yourself first and your beer cold!
Choose your MINISTER OF PARLIAMENT wisely. Forget about which party or social group he belongs to. Forget about who’ll be the Prime Minister.
Sadly, according to the Constitution of India, you indirectly select your Prime Minister.
And directly select your MP.
Focus on your MP. 🙂
That’s what democracy means 🙂

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