Country sleeps in peace after Ayodhya Verdict

The long held discussion to a much longer held case had come on Saturday backing up the Hindus for construction of Ram Mandir under the bench of 5 Brave men led by Mr.Ranjan Gogoi, The chief justice of India.

The verdict was based on an in depth study of many iconic travelogues that can be held as evidence for the verdict. Some of the many authors whose work were taken into account are Joseph Tiefenthaler,Robert Montgomery Martin, Edward Thornton,Carnegy. All of these travellers had included the presence of Ram fort and also mentioned the places of hindu worship like Sita Rasoi and Swargdwar in their books, some also mentioned the alleged destruction of ram fort to built the babri mosque and the fort’s remains being still present as pillars and other ruins. The bench said that it was necessary to collect the forgotten pieces of history to serve this bold decision.

And the aftermath of the decision seems simple for the very first time in the country as their prevails peace around the country and no acts of violence had been reported as such,the circle officer of Ayodhya confirmed. Amit Shah kept in regular touch with several chief ministers and it was peaceful over all in the states though some 77 people got arrested for trying to provoke fights among communities and about 8000 posts were laid down from social media. Some of the muslims were opposing the 5 acre land that has been given to them as they mark it as “donation” and not “justice” while some others told media that Muslims don’t need any mosques to be built, they need hospitals and education, therefore the land should be used to open schools as the Prophet preached love and forgiveness, the matter should be ended here only and unity should prevail. Salim khan (Salman khan’s father) a writer and renowned actor asked the muslims to have good taalim that is education and solve the problems of poverty and disparities in the country as Namaz could be read anywhere.
Therefore the country’s unity seems even strengthened after the verdict and situation is under control.

Comment down below your views regarding the verdict and what all should be done to keep up the Hindu-Muslim ties..

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