CAB or Citizenship amendment bill, now act has seen protest all over the country. Various parts of the country lost property and life due to these protests while others heard the national anthem sung by hundreds and thousands together. Everyday news, not only domestic but worldwide, has been covering only one topic, i.e., Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). This induces curiosity as to what is CAA. Few search answers over the internet while many get their brains enlightened by social media. The sad part about it all is no one is really interested nor have they made efforts to read the bill/act they’re protesting against. Whether with the act or against it everyone has turned a blind eye towards what the truth is and some people with influence are using this as source to induce not protests but riots.
As a citizen of this great nation I have the right to speak and express my views but what people are forgetting is that they do not have the right to destroy public property or harm those who are fulfilling their duties. Neither do they have the right to pelt stones at kids in a school bus nor lynch police officials running for their lives.

Rumors are being spread that CAA is a tool to root out a particular section of society from the country. The truth however is very different from what is being circulated around. CAA is a way to provide citizenship to particular groups namely Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and Parsi, who are minorities in the countries mentioned in the same Act, i.e., Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, facing religious persecution. In simple terms, Hindu from Pakistan will get citizenship of India sooner than what normally is. No where in the entire act does it deny any Muslim of Pakistan from getting citizenship of India.

Now the question that arise is what about India being secular. This act favours a particular group of people on the basis of religion. It’s against the constitution of India, isn’t it? Well if favoring a particular group for its upliftment is non secular then when are we removing quotas from education system? What people fail to see is that Hindus are a majority in India NOT in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis face religious persecution daily and the country they are in is NOT secular. Governments of these countries rather have them killed or converted than do something for their protection. If providing them aid in the form of citizenship is non secular then so is providing Muslim, Sikh, Christian quotas in our education system.

Protesting is our right and we have been given this freedom by this constitution. But misuse of it is not tolerable at all. The first violent protest happened in Jamia Milia Islamia, where stones were pelted, buses were destroyed, tear gas were used and students were beaten. It all happened over a span of 2 days and in the ashes of it all many fake ID’s were found and those arrested were found not to be students but instigators with criminal background. Similarly police officials deployed for crowd management and safety were cornered in a shop and stones were thrown at by hundreds of protestors in Gujarat. Another instance where a police official was running for his life was tripped and then lynched by the protestors. A school bus with kids in it was pelted by stones in Jafrabad and cars were burned a few hours after evening namaz near Jama Mazjid. On the other hand protestors in Bangalore sung national anthem along with police officials during their protest. Destroying public property and taking lives in the name of protest cannot be justified and should be condemned.

But that is not the end, the atrocities faced by the Kashmiri Pandits and their families in the late 1900s are coming around the talks and nobody really has an answer to all that. Since moving on is the essence of a developing nation, and with bygones being bygones, we can only wish that justice is served right this time. The illegal immigrants peacefully given the time to leave and the people facing persecution are nationalised for a new better life.

Because progress cannot be called progress untill everyone is a part of it.

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