Sri Lanka Church Blasts

On Sunday, bomb blasts in Sri Lanka have shaken whole world. Over 300 people have lost their lives in the attack and hundreds more who are injured are still fighting between life and death. The dead also include Indians. In Sri Lanka National Emergency have been declared. President Maithripala Sirisena has constituted a three-member commission to investigate these attacks. Although so many things related to this attack have not yet been explained, but according to the initial details, it is widely believed to be an extremist attack. After this attack, equations can change across the entire world, specially South Asia. Depression, fear and insecurity can increase. Since Sri Lanka is a neighboring country of India, so there are deep implications for this incident for India as well. Due to its geographical and geo-political situation in South Asia, India too can not ignore the dangers associated with it.

attack in sri lanka

So far, no organizations have taken responsibility for these attacks, but considering the levels of violence and their nature, they are considered to be a terrorist attack. Choosing the day of Easter and discussing the targets of some particular hotels, this suspicion goes deeper. They targeted the hotels where mainly international tourists stays, which includes lot of people from US and European countries. The doubt in this attack is going to many organizations, but the name of National Thowheeth Jama’ath, is mainly coming in front. If this is so this is a matter of great concern for India too, because one section of this organization is being said to be active in Tamil Nadu too. In such a situation, India needs to be even more cautious.
In the exercise of linking these episodes, we need to turn the calendar behind. A few days ago, during a Zuma prayer in Christchurch, New Zealand, a gunman attacked, in which more than fifty people were killed. After that the way this attack was done, it is considered to be the answer of Christchurch in a way. Religious-ideological drag on the global level may also be one of the reasons. Perception towards Islam in the whole world have also raised the tension. After the Syrian crisis the burden of large number of refugees on European countries too have disturbed the social fabric. It is possible that this attack has been assaulted as an expression of such voices of religious revenge. If this is the case, then another knot gets entangled, why did the terrorists choose Sri Lanka to carry out their conspiracy? It will also have to look at the internal situation of Sri Lanka. There is no doubt that there are many separator lines in Sri Lankan society as in India too. This island country is divided on many religious and social identities. The news of the oppression of the majority of Buddhists from Sri Lanka remains intact. They have been struggling with other people, but there was no such bloodshed on religious grounds as they were seen on Sundays.

Where South Asia stand in terms of terrorism

Global Terror Database shows very terrifying figures for South Asia, during the period of 48 years from 1970 to 2018, out of 1.8 lakh terror attacks in the world, 31% have been in South Asia with 29% of total deaths. These are second worst figures for any region. Only region in the world that is more affected from terror attacks is Middle East and North Africa(MENA).
As per Global Terrorism Index, out of world’s top 10 most affected countries from terrorism, 3 are from South Asia. Afganistan , Pakistan and India are 2nd, 5th and 7th on the list respectively.

The manner in which these attacks were carried out is clear that terrorists must have received local help . Srilanka, who is going through a period of political instability, have not remained peaceful in past. There were violent incidents here in late December. As far as conflict between Islamic identity is concerned, it has been found in Thailand and Myanmar recently. Violence against Muslims in Myanmar has created a new problem of refugees in neighboring countries. The horrific developments of Sri Lanka have created a land of new conflicts that is south Asia. India’s relations with this region are not only important, but there are also old cultural affiliations with them.

What’s need of the hour

attack in sri lanka

In this hour of crisis, the international fraternity needs to stands with Sri Lanka. The Government of India have also promised to give every possible assistance to its neighboring country. India itself has been suffering from attacks for decades and understand the pain of its friendly country. Now the time has come that the global world against terrorism should be united. But above all, most imported need of the hour is to not look at this attack as a attack on a certain religion or by a certain community, this attack is not on a specific religion but this is a attack on whole humanity. Only looking at such act from the point of religion will deepen the religious cracks, which is the last thing world needs right now.

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