happy womens day

First of all,

Happy women’s day.
Just how fast the night changes…
That girl who was born just a few years back is still cute and innocent at heart. No matter what is her age, she will look after you; be she is your younger sister or elder sister; be she is your friend; be she is your mother or grandmother. Whatever phase is in she in her life, she can still hold you like you are the most delicate flower and will be scared of you as if you are scariest animal of the forest.
Because that is the way she is grown up, to care and still remain scared of.
Because that is what society feels about women.
They know, a woman can make a world and destroy it if someone will go against her. That is why she is grew up as a baby elephant who will be used later on as a ride for fun.

Happy women's day

She will be taught to laugh silently, eat after male members of family will be done, keep your head down when someone is scolding them even if they are not at fault; to not shout at younger brother because she is eldest and not to mess with elder brother because she is younger and doesn’t know how this world works.
She is taught at first how she must fight men for her rights but then she is bound to see and accept not to speak in front of her father, brother, male friends.
When she grows up, she is taught not to talk to strangers but suddenly, she is told to sleep with a stranger she doesn’t even know, because he is right for her (according to her parents).
She won’t be allowed to see any romantic scenes or talk about them but she will be asked to give grandchildren.
Women will be told to dress up right so no one will be aroused by her skin but son aren’t taught to see a woman as woman not to fulfil his needs.
Appreciate your mother and sister because they are helping you as your maid and girls outside your home is only for eyes and are dressing up for you. You go, society!

Let’s celebrate women’s day and not give them equal right in society to ask for help.
Let’s bring them chocolates, take them for lunch, dinner, evening walk. But don’t make society safe for women to roam around because if you will do so, they will become independent and what will be men for?
Happy women’s day!

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