west bengal elections

Now that the polling has ended in more than half the seats, it can be said that the current Lok Sabha election is perhaps the most bitter election in the history of elections. The result of the general elections will determine the existence and direction of many political parties, but at the moment, the biggest question is that when will the election process get out of disputes?

Today on one hand where there is electoral violence in West Bengal On the other hand, some political parties and leaders are questioning EVMs. The Supreme Court has recently said that EVMs and VVPATs should be matched at five booths instead of one in each assembly so that there is no doubt left. It is going to be difficult for Election Commission. Among all this, there is another big challenge for EC, that is the challenge to get the most out of West Bengal. Recently, Election Commission Special Supervisor Ajay Nayak said that Bengal have reminded him of Bihar which was fifteen years ago. This means that there is a threat to frighten voters and to throw fake votes. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee did not like this statement and she asked the Election Commission to remove him. But can she tell what was wrong with what he said? Is it not true that today, apart from Kashmir West Bengal is the only state where voters and election workers are scared. Is it not a matter of shame for a state government that the election staff said that unless the central security forces are given, they will not go on electoral dates? Such demands were made in many places in Bengal. These election officials and staff are local residents, yet they do not trust the local police.

After the deployment of central security forces in Bengal, Trinamool Congress is alleging that they are entering inside the booth and making pressure on voters to vote for BJP. But it is difficult to believe these allegations, because the news from there is coming that the Trinamool workers’ actions are troubling other parties’ workers. There is 75 to 82 percent voting done in Bengal in all phases till now. On the one hand, the fears of safety are not clear and on the other hand there is a big vote, is not it contradictory? Leaders of ruling Trinamool Congress are giving such a direct threat to the people that if you do not vote, then all the facilities you get from the government will be eliminated.

Remember that Bengal is the third largest state in terms of number of seats in the Lok Sabha and if the credibility of the election process is not established then the result will be hazardous. It is not that this is happening for the first time. In a way it is coming to the ruling party as a political heritage. The work that the Left parties used to do earlier is now done by Trinamool Congress workers. Situation of Kerala is also similar to bengal. The news of the arbitrary and political violence of political parties from these two states barely makes headlines. Election Commission have a chalenge to prove itself. Is it right for EC to cry that it does not have enough authority? There have been large scale political violence in Bengal in all the phases of voting till now, most of which were initiated by TMC workers. Its time for EC to not think about the political pressure and take strict action againt such persons involved in creating hinderances in path of fair elections.

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