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Modi: Ardent Hope for the Farmers and their destitution

A community which is politically used only to rage a revolution against various  Government’s to overthrow them for the purpose of creating social unrest is – ‘Farmers’. They are deprived of every basic need, and ironically, one cannot live even a single day without depending upon them.

By realising that farmers are committing suicides even after seven decades of independence, current government has launched Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna. Unlike the previous schemes which floated over the foremost dominant and aristocrat elite class only, this policy guarantees insurance to rural farmers if their crop gets damaged or ruined. It also aims at aggrandisement of farm incomes through alternative and substitute sources like dairy, poultry, apiculture (bee-keeping), horticulture (fruits farming), etc. Earlier, the harvested crop used to go in waste due to lack of storage space and warehousing facilities. But now, to provide farmers the best possible price in exchange for the crop they grow, they can sell their harvest online. This has gained their trust because of the timeliness it comes up with.

Though it is termed as world’s largest crop insurance scheme, still, it has some issues which are to be fixed. There is a necessity of cloud penetrating satellites for crop loss evaluations. There is a dire need to make Indian agriculture a sphere of thriving innovation with farmer centric approach and turn our efforts into a panacea.

But the favourable results of peacemaking by the current policymakers will hardly accumulate within a scope of one polling term. The problems of the farmers demand to be addressed continuously for a long time, only then farmers’ community will be able to get fare returns to their hardwork. This addressal accelerated from the minute minimum support price was increased for our farmers in recent union budget, for the purpose of providing financial security to them.

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