Results of Maharashtra and Haryana were declared today, while the picture of Maharashtra Assembly Election Result 2019 is very clear with BJP and Shivsena Alliance ensured their continuance in power but the results of Haryana have led the situation of hung assembly. The Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) have grabbed to the role of kingmaker with 10 seats. Now this tug of war in the state is going to be quite interesting.

So far, the results of 90 seats out of total 90 have been declared. Of these, BJP has got 40 seats. The Congress has got 31 seats while the JJP has won 10 seats. Others have won nine seats. In the other, INLD has got one, Gopal Kanda’s HLP has got one seat. Independents won seven seats. CM Manoharlal won the election by a huge margin, but his 6 ministers lost the election. Now the question arises as to who JJP will support to form the government and on what conditions. Dushyant Chautala of JJP was claiming from the very beginning that the key to power would be in his hands. In the morning trends, when the BJP was ahead in 55 seats, Dushyant was confident about his claims. As the trend began to change, Dushyant’s claims grew stronger. Obviously, in the event of a kingmaker, he too will demand a bigger role in the government.

Even if the JJP supports Congress, four more MLAs will still be needed to form the government. These four MLAs can also condition their role in the government. Congress is also favorable for JJP because Congress can agree to form government in the state on any condition. As the Congress made Kumar Swami of JDS Chief Minister in Karnataka. Similarly, Congress had made Madhu Koda, an independent MLA in Jharkhand, the chief minister in 2006. In such a situation, Dushyant Chautala can put the condition of the post of Chief Minister with the Congress. Apart from this, he can also expect some ministerial positions in the government.

Devendra Hooda, son of former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, has just begun to say that the BJP is pressurizing the independent MLAs to join the government. If all the independent MLAs and others support the BJP, then it will not need JJP to form the government. It may be a little easier for the BJP to bring independent MLAs without any major conditions. In such a situation, independent MLAs can spoil the game of JJP.

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