Five years of Modi Govt: All you need to know before the results of general elections!

All you need to know before the results of general elections!

Elections, campaigns and different phases of voting are going on in India, a country which was a British colony 72 years back. It may be a matter of surprise for people across the globe that Indians celebrate their parliamentary elections as a festival of their democracy, which is indeed a privilege, because to the people of many countries it is still a pipe dream to choose their political leadership, as either their country is getting run by theological laws, or they are the citizens of a state led by a dictator (sometimes in disguise of single party political system).

Coming back to Indian elections, it is the seventeenth time that Indians are going to elect their representatives for their central government.

But whom they are going to choose?

Do they trust their current establishment, or are they going to vote for a leader who is a result of nepotistic leadership?

All this depends on what the citizens of India have witnessed in previous five years. Let us have a glance through the previous five years in this series of articles…

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