Elections of legislative assembly were held in Haryana on 21 October 2019. Total 90 seats were there and bjp had ‘aim of 75’ which targeted to atleast reach 75 seats and be a clear cut winner, this plan eventually failed but they somehow managed to win by a coalition with game changer party that is jjp. Jjp won 10 seats and their coalition made bjp to consecutively be a ruling party of the region. Manohar lal khattar is the leader of ruling party who is believed to form a cabinet with different faces this time. Dushyant Chautala is now the sixth deputy chief minister of Haryana.

Haryana has faced several problems during bjp rule which is very well highligted by opposition claiming that farmers condition has been worsened, unemployment has increased and various other promises from manifesto are not fulfilled. So the question is how can this party win again in the region.

Jjp turned the game which in a way betrayed its supporters as jjp claimed to fight alone but as soon as the results were announced coalition happened. EVM fraud is the term being used behind this victory of bjp but with no proof found finally it is the ruling party with no success rate of development while ruling last time. This coalition will surely try to vanish hooda power from the region lets see how opposition will play its part.

Now the question is what about public welfare in this game of politics – this time bjp has claimed to have complete transparency rule with public, promotes the idea of zero corruption and is willing to give jobs on merit basis and focus on old age pensions.

As far as manifesto is concerned everytime promises are made and hardly fulfilled. Public only expects to have rightful facilities and development. As per the claims in manifesto if only half of it are sincerely done no one in our country would die with hunger. Its not about a single party or single person in party instead its about the entire politics, focus is somewhat distracted from country development to development of party rulers.

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