Must do things before you graduate…🤩

How to make the most of the few years of graduation before we actually start working on our career?

When at school, most of us dream for a good college life. But once into college, we slowly realise how important it is to earn your own money, for who doesn’t want to have a lavish life and a bank balance which doesn’t make you look twice at the price tags.

But in the middle of all this, pops up a question, to enjoy your college life to the fullest or to work for your future tirelessly. And here’s your answer, because both can be done well and together.

First things first, as soon as you join your college, go and give auditions for all the societies you think you can be a part of. There obviously will be people better than you, but take inspiration from them and learn. Always remember, you’ve never learned enough. And who knows you’re the missing piece for that team, a cherry for the cake.

Do not be judgmental, and this is to be put down to your brain for the rest of your life. Atleast don’t judge people for what others have to say about them, after all, we’re all entitled to our own opinions, and everyone looks at things from their own perspective. What I intend to say is, go and talk to that person you find intimidating, who knows you both have a common secret hobby and end up being a pair of cute socks. (Ha-ha! Best Pals!)

And for the next thing, you definitely need a best pal, because just go and explore all the fests, fairs and the traditional melas. Travel as much as you can and gather memories, rater I’d say, gather varied experiences of everything you can because you never know when it just ceases to exist, or you never get a chance again. As it is rightly said “An oppss! Is better than a, What if !”

Get yourself enrolled for a college event no one ever thought you would. Just go on and surprise yourself, get a good memory to cherish or even to laugh at for years to come, along with your oldies. And I believe going to attend a class, straight out of bed would definitely get some pictures to help you get teary wrinkled eyes one fine day. But I really hope you don’t bump into your crush that day, good luck for that.

Enjoy sleepovers with your gang, get drunk under the moonlight, but please don’t pass out. You have no idea what secret gossip comes up, what fears you overcome and how much you love those fools for making fun of you yet bearing up with your shit everytime. You might discover how fun the nerd of your gang could be, or how messed up life “the sarcastic” of your group could be dealing with. Because when in the dark, people behave very differently, do not miss out on knowing their different side.

Well, knowing others is never enough, so go try to find more about your fifty shades, afterall, the world revolves around you. So grab that bagpack, and go on a mini solo excursion to ponder over things with a peaceful mind. For in those moments you will realise, what you really aspire for in life. In those moments, you will develop a new perspective towards life and you might just get a business idea, that will help you become a tycoon one day.

Now, as the final year sets in, hit up the library, surf over the internet and set your focus on what to do after the final year, because time is a bitch and would not wait for you. Save yourself from feeling useless after you’re done with you final semester exams just because you’re not sure what to do next.

Lastly, and most importantly, indulge in things that make your heart happy, because feeding happiness to your soul is as important as having a balance of pizza and salad in your diet. Because now, who wants to gulp down medicines to cure illness which a proper diet and 30minute daily exercise could prevent easily.

Thanks & look out to this space for more!

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