As we all know that CBSE Boards exams for the batch 2018-19 are around the corner.
Class X and XII students will soon be giving their board exams. For exam preparation, students often use reference books. But, today many options are available for the students of every class.
As we all know that the board exams are starting from next month, to help students prepare well and revise their concepts. Here is a list of things that one should keep in mind for both class X and XII.

Following are the most important things you must remember in order to perform well in Board exams :

  • Be well prepared i.e. whatever and how much you are preparing is surely going to be a decisive factor for your success. The concept behind thing should be clear, which is the most important part of learning.
  • Complete NCERT at least 5 times before practicing from any other book. It is always said/recommended that it is always better to complete one book many times instead of doing the same thing from different books (as there are chances of having a different way of solving the same question). Students should follow this tip, specially during school days because no matter how many times you might have heard that some questions were out of syllabus, they are actually not. Some questions are just twisted and derived from basic concepts and believe me such questions won’t be able to trick you if you have completed NCERT multiple times.
  • One should always consider NCERT as the Bible, which means that he/she should pick a reference book only when he/she has practiced NCERT thoroughly and his/her basic concepts are clear.
  • Stay calm. It is very important to keep your mind fresh during the exam and try not to get nervous during the exam time. Just be relaxed and don’t panic about the exams.Fear, anxiety and stress will only hamper your preparations and ultimately affect your performance in board exams. So, instead of taking tension, start preparing for the exam with a relaxed mind.
  • Solve past year question papers. It is advisable for students to practice previous year’s question papers once they have completed their whole syllabus as it helps students in assessing their status and also provides a road map of further studies.
  • Prepare and follow a time table. It’s not possible to achieve success without proper planning. Specially when clock of final days is ticking, it’s very important to decide when and how you are going to prepare for respective subjects and work is not done just by preparing a time table. Remember, a time table is useless untill you start following it on a continuous basis.
  • Solve CBSE sample papers. CBSE Sample papers are released by the board for all subjects for classes 10 and 12 a few months before the commencement of board exams. Sample papers are usually a good way to start after completing NCERT book as it provides complete information about exam pattern and marking schemes.
  • Always avoid reading new topics at the time of examination. It will make your thoughts negative that you had not prepared well and ultimately you will go under stress, which is not good at the time of examination. Get up early in the morning and revise the important topics you have marked.
  • Be very attentive while writing in the exams. Read all the instructions carefully before beginning to write answers and try to understand what is expected from you. Label your questions correctly, draw neat and labeled diagrams, highlight important points and create right column for doing all rough calculations. Manage your time properly and do not spend too much time inanswering a particular question. If you are stuck with a question, go to the next and come back to it later on.
  • Do not compromise with your health. Give enough time for other important things that you like to do like games, music, food.Before going to sleep at night, revise everything that you have studied on that day.

Always remember there is no shortcut or trick to score above 90. Hard work and dedication is all it takes. Keep working hard, study smart and you will surely achieve promising results.
All the best to everyone and in case anyone has any doubts, please feel free to share them with us and we will reply you ASAP.

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