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The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, which came into force on September 1, hit like a rock to the middle class and lower class of India where punishments for violation of traffic regulations have become stringent.

New Challan Rates

Driving without a seat belt, drunk driving, jumping traffic signals, speeding, driving without insurance, driving without pollution certificate and overloading vehicles will attract solid fines.
Hike in traffic penalties and rigid fines are supposed to target increasing abuse of traffic rules and deduction in number of accidents and to encourage safety but the multipied challan rates are just too much to bear for a common Indian person. Fine charges are raised to a shocking high of 10,000 . As much as i am against traffic rules voilation i understand that such fines are going to burn a huge hole in the pockets of our citizens.

Yesterday only I came across a news where a Delhi man was charged about 23,000 as a composite challan for driving without helmet and insurance. He drives an activa so you can easily calculate that fine charges are almost half the price of his vehicle. This is one of the many cases where people are fined as much as 30,000-40,000 in the name of fines.

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