Green crackers are brought up by the Council of scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the and are said to reduce pollution by 30%. Last October because of the rising pollution level the supreme court banned the sale of fire firecrackers that weren’t green. The crackers are not supposed to be loud beyond a the certain limit and had to be approved by the PESO which is Petroleum and explosives Safety Organisation, the crackers should not contain particular matters like mercury, arsenic and barium. Now this year the supreme court allowed the manufacturing of green crackers as these crackers were not available before and as said by the CSIR as its labs had tested the samples and had them approved by the PESO. The crackers which do not contain matters like barium nitrate would be allowed and the boxes they are sold in has a unique logo as well as a unique QR code on it.

heT new crackers which will be now available in the market contain potassium nitrate as an oxidant and zeolite additive. When these crackers explode they are said to produce less dust and smoke as estimated by 30% and also decrease sulphur oxide and nitrous oxide emissions by 20%.

The union science minister Harsh Vardhan stated that “we now have green crackers. A year ago manufactures of crackers were unhappy about the unavailability of crackers”.

These crackers are available in the market as sparkles, flowerpots, maroons, atom bombs which are developed by the National environmental engineering research institute (NEERI) a CSIR lab.

Director of National environmental and engineering research institute Rakesh Kumar stated “these crackers cost the same as old ones and are significantly greener”.

The manufacturers say there is insufficient production of the crackers as the decision on barium crackers was taken on 22nd October just few days before Diwali which is on 27th October so the production is uncertain.

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