Vegan Lifestyle – Tips and tricks

Being vegan is a lifestyle choice and it has seemlessly become a part of Indian society. People in India are mostly vegetarian but there is a slight difference in being vegetarian and being vegan. Vegetarians don’t eat any animal flesh for eg. beef, chicken, fish, pork etc. , but vegans go further, and also don’t consume or use anything that comes from an animal (egg, dairy, leather, fur, etc.).

Being vegan is not just about food but it extends to leather,fur and even skin care and makeup products. This choice of lifestyle is not just safe for your body but for the environment too. To do something good, you often have to go out of your way, but as a vegan you just have to make better choices but veganism can be a bit more challenging and expensive in India because vegan foods are not available everywhere so you have to put in some extra efforts and go to a supermarket because lets face it we are all too lazy to even go to our nearest store.

So here are some tips and tricks to make the transition easy for the beginners.

  1. Dont push too much – Going vegan altogether is not an easy road. Supressing the urge to eat a hamburger is challenging because foodorgasms urgg!! . So what you can do is remove 1 or 2 animal based things from your diet at a time instead of going into a full transition phase. For instance you can start by switching your regular cow milk with soy milk or coconut milk.
  2. Find others who are vegan – Having a company can keep you going . So you can try to find a group of vegan people for that regular dose of motivation.
  3. Learn new recipes – Vegan food can get boring if you stick to that old school menu so try spicing things up a bit by learning new recipes. You can watch youtube videos to get yummy food ideas.
  4. Think of it as a contribution to safe environment – There are times when we think of ways how we can contribute to bring about environment change . This is your chance to not just keep yourself safe and healthy but environment too.
  5. Good for skin – Veganism is holy grail for our skin. Green food is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that makes skin glowy and clear. Also parting ways with dairy products will keep your pimples at bay

You’ve taken a whole new journey so stay compassionate . When you make a mistake, accept it and move on. Embrace life 🤗

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