True feminist : A Reasonable female

Feminism means when a women wants to be strong individual with equal freedom, rights and opportunity like men.

In the eighteen century it was believed that women were incapacitated of sensible thinking. Than afterwards Mary Wollstonecraft, an English writer, philosopher and an advocate of women’s right put forward the point that women too had the power to think rationally and deserved proper education. Women’s education is also important because they are liable for the education of the young.

Fake feminist are misconceive feminism for their own personal interest. Feminism means liberation of women, the right that women should have, freedom to get education and choose her career, rather not forced to marriage against her own wish or she should not forced to be worked as a slave in the house. It does not mean unfaithfulness or disloyalty. It only means that as a ‘Women‘ I am not supercilious or inferior to any male counterpart.

Nowadays, many so called feminist are misconceiving ‘Feminism’ for commercial and materialistic gains.

Recent Amity University Case

Two students of the Amity University Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary were beaten up by a group of 15-20 students recently over an issue of car parking, as alleged by the boys. This led up social media by storm with people demanding justice for boys and internet is taken over by talks of ‘FAKE FEMINISM‘.
However, girls are saying they were molested by the two boys.

I just request you people, let the feminism not be traduce by this kind of misconceiving which is intoreable by any true feminist. My advice to all the females, don’t fall for fake feminism and choose your role carefully.

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