In Delhi’s Kalindi Kunj area a toxic foam floats on the surface of river Yamuna which is formed because of the rise in the pollution level. The foam is poisonous as it is very smelly and hazardous to health.

The national capital is facing a very serious problem of pollution as not only the air quality is poor but the water bodies have been completely toxic which is a severe pollution crisis.

Recently on the occasion of Chhath Puja devotees were offering prayers to the Sun god as they had to dip in the toxic river Yamuna.

When local rowers were asked about the situation and what measures are taken to clean it up they said “the water is very dirty from few days and no one is doing anything to clean it up as before people use to come take bath and drink its water, now no one is coming here”.

Pollution level in the river Yamuna is really bad that there is no marine life in river Yamuna, no fish could be seen in the river due to lack of oxygen. Yamuna plays a very important role as it also provides water to Delhi the reason behind the devastating situation of river Yamuna is the industrial waste, residential waste which is disposed off in Yamuna and the people wash their clothes and utensils on regular basis. The pollution crisis in Delhi are getting worse day by day as there are measures taken by the government for the air pollution, Yamuna is also seeking for help.

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