extinct animals

Three extinctions and many others on the verge


Humans have completely transformed the earth. Our activities have drastically affected the earth which has led to disturbance on earth’s ecosystem. We all admire the scenic beauty but on the other hand we are the cause of its destruction.
Researchers have recently updated the status of extinct species in India while mentioning that The Indian Cheetah, Pink headed duck and Great Indian Bustard are now extinct in India.

What is the cause and how does it affect the ecosystem?

Desertification leads to extinction of species. It means that fertile land is continuously being degraded and improper agricultural practices are being performed. As per our needs we keep on exploiting natural resources which creates an imbalance in nature. It is important to fulfill our basic needs but in return we can contribute at least a bit for our nature.

Other than these three species 150 species are classified as critically endangered species. Recently Aarey authorities have passed an order to cut down trees which is a recent contribution for deadly desertification.

How to stop this?

Land management is the first thing that needs to be done. Protection of wildlife is necessary, we believe that wild animals can be harmful for us so there is nothing wrong if they get extinct but if this continues entire ecosystem will be disrupted due to an imbalance which will end up vanishing every specie on this planet.

Usage of insecticide and pesticides can also lead to desertification so its usage should be of a certain amount.
Climate change is also a problem that cause extinction which can be controlled by saving our environment.

Apparently we still have time but now it’s high time. If not now it can turn to never so we need to pledge on our behalf that we’ll try our level best to protect our environment. Extinction of few species can lead to extinction of entire world so “conserve it…or else you don’t deserve it”

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