A woman plays many roles in her life at the same time. From working at home, to going out and competing at work place. A woman is an extraordinary creation of God, but, why is the same woman not treated with dignity and thrashed and raped by men who believe they have a right to do what they like with her body.

Even after many years of India’s Independence, are the women of our nation really allowed to enjoy their right to freedom of movement? Is it enough to make laws and do nothing to ensure they are implemented? Is it enough to compete with the western nations in terms of technology, culture but not how they treat their women and how they punish those who try to destroy the life and dignity of their women?

Most of us are well aware of the tragic incident that happened with Dr. Priyanka Reddy, 26yo doctor from Hyderabad. She choose the Noble profession of helping others and what she got in return wasn’t anywhere near humane, let alone Noble.

It was a normal day for us, but not for her, as she struggled to reach home safely, she told her sister how she was scared because her vehicle got punctured in an area with truck drivers. She knew things could go wrong with her, now, who is to blame for it? The uneducated drivers? Or their ideology of having sexual pleasures from any woman they can find in any state? Or their knowledge that they’d be punished for their act so they burned her up, alive?

Why is it that people who perform such heinous crimes are not scared of they law? Since ancient times, women have been burdened and overpowered by patriarchy. Many men have realized how wrong it has been for centuries and now stand with women in their fight, whether their own or some stranger. But many still believe they are higher than the women around they and have a right to their bodies.

I was a 10th class student when the Nirbhaya incident took place. It was the brutality of that incident that ignited fire in the minds and hearts of millions of Indians, men and women alike. And it is the brutality of this incident that voices are being raised again. I am a grownup now and still I don’t feel safe, still my heart cries upon hearing such heart wrenching incidents, I still feel the same, vulnerable and somewhere lucky to be safe.

But it is enough to just raise our voice? Is it okay to raise our voice only when some brutal rape takes place? Because women in India are subjected to sexual harassment and sexual torture everyday of their life. Why is reaching home safely a luxury for most women in India? Women, who fight not just competition at workplace but also have to fight sexual predators, at office, and in the trains, buses and roads as they travel in and out to earn everyday bread.

It is high time now, untill the rapist are punished brutally, with equal cruelty as their acts are performed with, nothing else can teach them a lesson. No education can teach a man the thing he is taught with the same bluntness as he holds in his eyes towards other women.

As of April 2018 government data, 99% of rape assaults go unreported. And no proper justice to the victim and their families is one of the reasons. Another reason is how women who are victims and survive such heinous crimes are looked upon. When rather the rapist should be looked upon, but they carry on their lives with heads held high and continue to disregard women all their life, while a rape survivor is forced to live a life of shame with no fault of hers. Think about it!

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