The end is near…

Iceberg breakdown in east Antarctica– Everything is at a point where we can say life is at verge of extinction. This breakdown is not linked with climate change but can certainly speed up the further melting. Water on earth is 97 % marine and only 3% freshwater out of which 69% is in form of glaciers,30% groundwater and 1% is available in lakes, rivers and swamps. So considering the glacier form of freshwater if it continues to melt at this speed,the availability of 3% freshwater will be reduced to a larger extent.

This iceberg melted due to calving which is a natural process that takes 60-70 years. This iceberg is as large as London and has been calved from Amery ice shelf in east Antarctica. Ice shelf are the platforms of floating ice that form where Antarctic meets ocean. Ice shelf hold back the flow of grounded ice.

This calving procedure was expected but at this point where everybody knows that we are in danger; natural phenomenon has made its point. Even though it was natural but will certainly continue the deterioration of glacier content and will adversely affect the mother earth.

This is sort of a reminder given by nature that we are surely in danger. On our part we did lot to harm and now natural process also adds to it leading to further more depletion. We need to stop so that natural process would not affect us to this extent and if we won’t we’ll reach a point of mass extinction.

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