Sanfe -” Eco friendly path to femine hygiene”

Introduction :

Sanfe is a start-up which works with the motive-Sanitation For Women. IIT Delhi students Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat plunged into entrepreneurship of this project after working on compilation report of public toilets in delhi which stated how unhygienic conditions lead to urinary tract infections in women.

Objective :

This start-up not only focuses on hygienic conditions but also helps protect the environment as everything here is eco friendly. Till date they have launched 3 products which are –

  1. Pain relief roll on
  2. Stand and pee device for women which is very beneficial in avoiding UTI.
  3. Reusable sanitary pads. Menstrual hygiene is must which if not taken care can lead to severe discomforts along with diseases.

Overall scenario :

Mostly what women uses is sanitary pads,tampons, menstrual cups and many still use clothes..🤷

So the question is – is everything going good? Clothes are not safe at all so people switch to pads but are they good enough?
No they’re not
Pads have plastic sheet which make it difficult to degrade leading to pollution which is lot more than we can imagine and if burnt can be carcinogenic ( cancer causing) as it releases toxic content in air.


What’s next? a tampon – they can cause vaginal infections as well because of chemical content and menstrual cups causes discomfort to the beginners and creates mess while handling so coming to a conclusion what we need is a pad which does not harm our environment and is affordable as well.

Science has finally made a way for this as IIT students have scientifically made a pack of pads which are made through banana fibers which is completely eco friendly and can be reused after washing with detergents and this need to be done after every use. Its affordable as well as its for 199rs (2 pads) and can be used for about 2 years.

Speciality :

These pads are ultra thin with quadrant true lock technology and is highly absorbent. Sanfe has used different layers of fabrics which are- cotton polyurethane laminate, terry and banana fibers, polyester pilling which makes it leak proof. A great initiative has been put forward by IIT Delhi through which hygiene and environment can go hand in hand.

Its products are available through e-commerce on amazon.
Science has made its way now its your time ladies to work for your hygiene and wellness without disrupting the nature.

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