Problem of Plastic Pollution

The question of plastic remains important for the whole world. This problem is getting more serious in India day by day. The earth is so buried under the burden of this waste that it is now difficult for the planet to breathe.

Increase in number of plastic waste

In the last 65 years, humans have produced more than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic. The production of plastics in 1950 was around 2 million metric tons in the world, which has increased to about 400 million metric tons in 2015. If this pace of increase in the number of plastic waste remains the same, then in 2050, 12 billion metric tons of waste will be seen in landfills around the world. This situation will be very frightening and dangerous to the environment. Fear arises due to the possibility of its adverse effects on human life.

plastic waste

Burning polythene mix waste

Significantly, most of the plastic does not have organic corrosion. It is not destroyed for 500 years. Burning the polythene mix waste is even more harmful because it dissolves hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide in the air and enters your body through breathing. The plastic waste generated today will remain with us for hundreds of years.

Use of plastic bags continues indiscriminately

It is a matter of fact that the Supreme Court has banned its use. There are complete or partial restrictions on its use in most of the states and union territories of the country. Despite this, even today 10 metric tonnes of plastic bags are being used only in urban areas. This is just statistics, while the situation is much worse and the use of plastic bags continues in large parts of the country indiscriminately. There is no control on that. The big and important reason for this is that it is cheap, universal and multi-use.

plastic waste

Herbal Plastics Its Alternative

Actually plastic has become a part of life. In a way, humans depend on it. This is the main reason that despite lakhs of efforts being made for a long time, it has not been curbed. Sadly, no reliable alternative has yet been found. However, the extent to which herbal plastics prepared from plants will be able to substitute for this is in the future.

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