power supply

Almost every country in this world uses a frequency of 50 Hz & voltage about 220-240 volt but there exist an exceptional case too; in form of America ( north and south ), Japan, Korea & Caribbean that uses 120 volt and 60 Hz frequency (117 volt average voltage throughout USA).
Now the question arises in mind, Why USA uses this frequency? So, for the sake of your information, in past there exist a scientist/inventor named THOMAS EDISON & NIKOLA TESLA invented DC & AC respectively. Since AC can be easily transmitted over long distance which gave direct competition to Edison’s Technology & happened to be 110 volt. 1st company to buy Tesla’s patent for power transmission was WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC settled for 60 Hz-120 volt, this AC system later on become the standard throughout USA.
However further research took place throughout the world specially in Germany, BEW arbitrarily set 50 Hz as frequency with an increase in voltage i.e. 220-240 volt, this improved the distribution in frequencyworld-power-supplies-types-c-f
Later on USA also thought of converting its power transmission in form of 220 volt for home but after an analysis it’s been found that it would add enough cost. So, USA made a compromise that 240 volt would be used in house whereas energy supply would be split to 120 volt to power appliances in exception with certain household appliances (example : Dryer & electric stoves).
WE all are known to the fact that power plugs and socket varies country to country. In USA, most widely socket used are of Type “A & B”. Type A is designed in such a way that it can be inserted 1 way even they are generally polarized consist of 2 blades which don’t have same width, neutral blade 7.9 mm & hot blade 6.3 mm wide, such sockets are rated as 15A. Type B consist of 3 blades/pins among which 2 blades are flat 15 mm thick spaced by 12.7 mm & 3rd blade consist of 2.4 mm radius usually 3.2 mm longer than the other 2 blades. Major difference between A & B Type is that Type A is not grounded whereas Type B socket have grounded pins

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