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Environment and Climate Emergency: Safeguard against next Calamity of Climate Change

On the first of May this year, the British Parliament passed a motion to implement ‘Environment and Climate Emergency’ by taking an unprecedented step. Earlier, Wales and Scotland had also announced similar emergency. This attracted the attention of the whole world to the rapidly increasing adverse effects of climate change. In India also, climate change have been a topic of attention, because at the same time, storms were devastating in Odisha and other eastern coastal areas. In regard of sensitivity of the issue of climate change, United Nations as well as other institutions, have organized lots of conferences and programs recently.

A teenager from Sweden named Greta Thünberg have been in limelight recently. She led the demonstrations of thousands of people in front of Parliament on the subject of environmental protection setting a great example in front of people to raise awareness towards the loss due to climate change and to find a diagnosis.

After the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, continuous increase in the average surface temperature of the earth and the oceans is going on. Apart from factories, its main reason is emission of Greenhouse gases due to daily human activities. The temperature of the global environment is controlled by a ‘natural balance’ process from the sun . If the incoming heat becomes absorbed in the environment, the temperature of the surface of earth increases and heat coming from the sun is reflected to the surface of the earth. If the temperature is to be stable, then the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment are needed to be controlled, which will result in maximum reflectivity of solar energy.

Unprecedented greenhouse gases are being created due to indiscriminate industrialization and lifestyle. Due to the prevailing multifold farming nowadays, the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment is increasing. Apart from this, fertilizer and pesticides also produce nitrous oxide which is not suitable for the environment. Another problem is that of waste management. We do not have the right method of waste management and the collection of garbage and burning it also helps in methane and other poisonous gases to increases in the surface and water bodies.

India’s anxiety with the whole world is also natural due to the increasing temperature of the earth. It has been reported in a report that since the end of the 19th century, the temperature of the Earth have continued to rise. This have affected the weather cycle and increase the risk of untimely floods, cyclones etc. To prevent global warming, 197 countries had settled in Paris Under the agreement, thag the surface temperature of the Earth will not be allowed to increase by more that 1.5 celcius up to 2100.

India has taken several steps under this agreement, but like other developing countries, India faces the challenge of eradicating poverty. This challenge is possible only with fast economic growth, so that we don’t have to compromise. Originally developed countries are responsible for the deteriorating situation of the environment. Only the US and China together produce 40 percent of the greenhouse gases. It would be wise for such counties to contribute generously to the significant extent. Let’s see how effective the proposal of the Environmental Emergency of the British Parliament is? There is a strict need that Climate change should be seen as an impending disaster and to deal with it, extraordinary steps should be taken

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