Methane – a sniper of environment

Methane gas can be the reason of environment depletion :-

Methane is meant to be the cleanest burning fossil fuel as it produces more heat and light energy by mass than other hydrocarbon while being significantly less polluting.

Although it is beneficial but has some adverse effects as well. Mainly what happens is it has a tendency to trap heat which can lead to climate change. Recently a report has been released by Wadia Institute of Himalayan geology stating that Tehri dam(Uttrakhand) has methane gas present in it which can result in causing major threat to the region. In dam several bubbles are being released which on bursting are releasing methane gas and while knowing this it is necessary to know that Tehri dam is the worlds fifth deepest man made dam and if this continues to happen global warming will rise expeditiously.

Methane gas is termed as a sleeping giant,even though we emit less methane than carbon dioxide it has greater short term impact on global warming. It is 86times more stronger than carbon dioxide. It can cause sudden excess rains, cloudbursts and it is observed that due to excessive rainfall cracks are formed in mountains which is a major cause of landsliding. If not better mitigated methane leaks could undermine the advantages and spell major trouble to our environment.

Sources :-

  • main source of methane emission is through decomposition of fertilizers.
  • ‌landfill methane emissions is produced which can be reduced through a process known as energy from waste.
  • ‌cattle methane emission
  • ‌burning forest

Controlling measures :-

Support organic farming as farmer keep livestock longer.

  • by adding seaweed to cows diet can lead to reduced cattle methane emission
    -support farms which use anaerobic digesters.
  • Our activities that are causing harm to environment will soon make us repay if not controlled on time. So in order to stay protected we need to protect our environment.

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