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“Only rich people have the luxury to be depressed”. I am not saying this but most people do. People actually feel that depression is not a mental problem but some kind of mood swing . Only if it could go away as easily as the latter.
World Mental Health Day is held on October 10 to raise public awareness about mental health issues worldwide. Its supported by UN. They have chosen “Depression: A Global Crisis” as their theme this year.

According to the WHO statistics around 154 million people suffer from depression . So what exactly is depression? In simple language depression is a permanent state of sadness where you feel despondent and dejected. You lose your will to work, go out and enjoy life. It can cause loss in apetite, trouble sleeping or too much sleeping and ultimately thoughts of suicide which is the chronic form of depression.

Though it feels dangerous how fast its growing over the fast years but it is curable. About 80-90% patients show positive reactions to treatments and therapy. So please dont take it lightly and dont let others around you neglect it. People tend to avoid getting diagnosed or even worse sometimes they dont feel the need of doctor so if you think someone around you need help , talk to him/her.

Its seen people with depression dont welcome too many questions but try to make a conversation. Make sure they are not having any suicidal thoughts. Never say I understand because can you?

But what you can do is be supportive .

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  1. depression is not a disease . it is common for everyone. Donot care for your small object in your life for a long time otherwise you will get depression of thinking. depression is only a thinking of mind.

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