Hope is the medicine of pain, confidence in your faith and the magical alphabets which can change your fate“.

The world has been created with the four letters and the single magical word “Hope”. We do not even have the true statistical ratios to find out its true impact on life. The first particle was initiated by the divine hoping that it will do wonders and it did, which result in life on a planet.
But we never thought about the magical word sorties. The word which joins the stories and drop the liquid in vain to mark the history.
But questionaries’ have we have eaten up the hallowed magical sounds in our head. I presume its “No” because we never hoped of owning one except always been bagging on in front of the nobleman and to individuals.
We mounted a fake hope which has summoned us to do, what it craves for as “I wish for a luxury lifestyle” knowing the truth that it has to be earned not to be dreamt at nights.
Let’s talk about how this all inaugurated:
Ere, we took out first puff this word was injected in our veins. Our parents expecting our child would be jars for us. Ops! The switch is on. Yeah, it is difficult to encompass the show on single track without an instrument to make it happen so. Does the true meaning of hope does it? Maybe shape us to realize the true meaning of life. And which guides us to be who we are and to stop being a cyborg.
So, does our ancestors did? They created histories using this word such as we hear: “The first walking animals on two feet, first rocket in space” “first author, first prime minister” i.e.; but this first does not import to come first rather it tells about the intoxicating effort, passion, faith and hope to accomplish a more desirable fate. In this race of forming a record on “The First __” we forgot about the future of ethics. And earned a better lifestyle for us.
“Hope for the best, what will come next”, we misremembered to live in the present. We make settlements to change your life, not for the sake of “hope”. But for the purified vain liquid dropped in us, when we were born.
So, have hope to become a better version of yourself, as life does not have an edge. It has wrapped up the gift in the magical alphabets.
So, Hope…

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