Ever since we were children, there is one thing that we all read somewhere, and that was “India has the largest democracy in the world”.

Have you ever thought, why so?

The reason for it, is not the amount of choices we have but only because of “Us”. The large number of people involved in it

Elections in our country are held in every 5 years and are done in five phases for easy management, this year it is starting from 11th of the April, 2019.

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Why Voting is Important?

Without election being held there is no point of having democracy, and if we don’t vote the whole purpose of holding election gets defeated. Just imagine throwing a big party and inviting all of your friends, but nobody shows up, I hope you got the point.

Reasons We Should Vote.

  • It improves the chance of electing a better candidate.
  • The more the votes better the transparency
  • Larger the percentage of vote, lesser chances of biased wins.
  • Voting will lead to a better development and growth
  • This will make you a responsible citizen

“Let us educate, motivate anyone and everyone to do our part in bringing the change”

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