Cauvery calling- Time to save earth

Cauvery calling campaign is started by Sadhguru(Isha foundation). Cauvery river is one of the largest river in India, is now in danger due to human activities in a way.
87% of tree cover is lost and now it’s high time to revive it. Soil erosion has exceeded to an extent that now soil fails to feed the river, most of the time it fails to reach ocean. Basically cauvery is forest-fed river and due to forest cover soil was filled with minerals and now because of its depletion, water scarcity had become a major problem.
Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are mainly in headlines as states facing water problems and this is due to cauvery river exploitation. Around 17 districts in Tamil Nadu were drought hit, distress of farmers is beyond our imagination. Recently this campaign is popularised by Bollywood actors as well, Juhi Chawla pledged 100 trees for cauvery calling campaign as gift to Ayushmann Khurrana on his birthday.
This campaign focuses on replenishing soil fertility. For a social cause 42rs/tree is not too much for us to contribute.
The focus of this campaign is to plant 242 crore trees.

Ps: Survival will be difficult if such river exploitation continues. Its time for us to act before nature reacts.
Plz contribute/donate for Cauvery Calling through link given below
Rally for Rivers | Save Cauvery – Cauvery Calling |

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