area 51

Area 51

Are you guys also excited to see aliens?
Well I surely am.. because They can’t stop all of us all right?😉

Soo let me tell you something about Area 51 first:

Area 51 is an area located in Nevada, United States(US). It is United States air force(USAF) which has been named as area 51, acquired the area in 1955 for flight testing.
The mystery surrounding the base has made it the center of conspiracy and attraction due to theories regarding UFO.

The CIA publicly accepted the existence of the base on 25 June 2013, after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was filed against them in 2005, asking the purpose of Area 51.

The conspiracy on Area 51 has been in long talks now but recently
Facebook event called people to storm in Nevada military base which is also called Area 51 on 20th september.
This post has gained momentum in the past few week, becoming a online troll, but now it has become cause of concern for authorities.🤷

The event is attempted to find aliens hidden by the government.. 😂😂
This event has become Soo popular that has taken internet by strom and has 1.5 million attendees interested in the event..😱
Even celebrities and brands are responding to this on TikTok.

You can imagine the craziness and interest in people, companies and celebrities:

  • Bud Light created an Area 51-themed beer can.
  • Rapper Lil Nas X released a special Area 51-themed video “Old Town Road.”
  • Oreo also make a advertisement seeing the internet craze

Seeing the response of public the Air Force Responded
 “Any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous,”

Whatever they say I want to see the aliens for sure..😉
Aur aapka Kya plan hai?🤷

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