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Success Story Of Steve Jobs

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone life”.


This name in itself serves else’s as a role model for those who aspire to achieve greatness in life via putting uncountable efforts and being utmost dedicated. He is the man who made immeasurable contribution in technology advancement. He was the man of wisdom who created Apple. He was the man who left no stone unturned to leave a profound impact on the whole universe.

steve jobs

Failures are the pillars to success”. This Ultra Legend Jobs encountered numerous hurdles during his journey to success but more or less he challenged his fate.

Steve came from a lower middle-class family where He was also a repo man . . his father used to fix cars. Growing up as the son of immigrants end up putting him on adoption, he had a rough start. He even didn’t have an easy time in American public schools.

It took more than 3 decades even to him for being truly recognized as an icon. In the meanwhile he slaved hard, had a temporary rise to the peak, thrown from his perch, ridiculed, worked his way back and proved himself all over again with kick-ass products. He was homeless before joining apple.

He seemed to know how to make a really great product, that people wanted to buy. He didn’t predict future instead he created it. He took a calligraphy class that however did lead to an inspiration of the Mac fonts.


Being in tender age, Steve Jobs was influenced by the strength and intricacy of computers. He used to work with his mechanic father in the family garage, taking apart cars and putting them back tether.That’s his love for machines keep on increasing like a wildfire. His father taught him the way to pay attention to detail, a mantra that sets Apple apart unique and unbeatable. When he was 12, he called HP founder Bill Hewlett to ask for electronic parts for a school project. This initiative by him impressed Hewlett up to a greater extent and he offered him a summer internship. In the coming years of his life, he developed a strong disliking and hatred for formal education. He found schooling full of boredom and monotony.

Eventually, he went to college but dropped out after the first semester. He was calligraphy. He got a job at a video game manufacturing company, Atari. He Came to India with a friend for spiritual enlightenment. They stayed for 7 months, traveling around in buses between UP, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. There, Jobs studied Eastern religion and returned home as a Buddhist. Moreover, he undergone tremendous changes.

steve jobs

But Jobs didn’t end experimenting. He then turned to psychedelic drugs for
further research. He practiced Zen Buddhism and lived in his parents’ backyard. Owing to his diversified experiences, counterculture ruled his life Steve Jobs started a collaboration with Steve Wozniak. Both of them redefined computers.

Initially it begin with the blue box; a digital device that could be used for
long distance calls for free. It was a great success. This was followed by the birth of the first-ever Apple machine.
Jobs and Wozniak sold their gadgets in order to pay for the project. Jobs spent the maximum time working and often greeted clients barefooted.

He chased investors till Intel provided funding. Then Apple became popular and Jobs broke into Silicon Valley. He was worth $1 million when he was 23, $10 million at 24 and crossed $100 million by the time he was 25. He was the amongst the youngest people to be featured on the Forbes list of country ’s richest people. Then mayhem came to his life.

steve jobs

His lover, Chrisann became pregnant. He wasn’t ready and claimed he was sterile even though a DNA test proved he was the father. This became a controversial issue those days.

A daughter was born and named Lisa. He named his new breakthrough personal computer Lisaas after her. Time Magazine interviewed him as “times person of the year” later that magazine defamed him and after that he never trusted media.

Then Steve was struck with the biggest setback in his career. After an internal discussion, he was retrenched from the Macintosh group. The decision was made after Pepsi Executive John Sculley encouraged the board. Ironically, Jobs had recently hired Sculley but he didn’t give up. He continued establishing his new company, NeXT but was not able to increase sales volume. boost sales due to the high machinery cost. After that, Next would merge with Apple to give us the iOS we have today. But Jobs wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to build a bigger empire.

Then , he invested in a startup called Graphics Group, PIXAR. He remained a majority shareholder in Pixar. Everything was well. But suddenly, Jobs’ life his life got fully ruined.He was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. He continued working at Apple and died six weeks after his last working day.

It’s a fantastic reminder for all of us, and it’s not just Jobs. The most successful entrepreneurs in history have also had some of the most spectacular failures. Keep that in mind next time one of your projects
or deals crashes and burns. It’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important. He was famously obsessed with simplicity and focus, not only in Apple products themselves but also in the company’s product line. In a painful but necessary move shortly after returning from his exile as Apple CEO, he cut 70 percent of the product line (and 3,000 jobs) in order to focus the company on a small number of products and making them insanely great. And he was right. Never underestimate the power of saying no to everything that isn’t essential.

Jobs who believed that death is “very likely the single best invention of life” said to depart this world with a lingering look at his family and friends. His last word as said was “oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow” and there is a huge story behind these words.

His departing words include treasure love for your family,
spouse and friends. Treat yourself well and cherish others.

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