The art of meditation

Meditation is a weightlifting exercise for brain.Meditation has variety of advantages thus it becomes a topic of importance in today’s busy , hectic and stressed life .

We go to a vacation to relax our souls from all the hardwork we have been doing . Meditation is like a vacation for our mind. By sitting at one place your soul can visit places , wander in the most beautiful parts of the earth and come back in just a click. Its the beauty of human mind and meditation helps in taking it a level ahead.
So what can meditation do to you?

1. It helps to decrease Beta waves:

Beta waves are information being processed by your brain. We want to decrease such waves because it carries a lot of junk and unnecessary thoughts that keep us from focusing on things that actually matter.

2. It helps us to focus:

By reducing the beta waves we are reducing cacophonic thoughts . This mental exercise helps us to focus on the more important things.
Just 15 minutes of meditation can be as healing as a walk in the woods.

3. It decreases negativity and anxiety:

Meditation calms our mind. It gives us a new more positive perspective to life. Research have found that meditation practitioners can react to stimuli in much lesser time than their non meditating counterparts.

There are a lot of meditation apps in the market that can help you get started. You can also join yoga classes. Even if you cant do it everyday , try to do it 2-3 times a week as it offers you a variety of benefits.

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