Deadly Corona Virus Suspected to Reach India??

Corona Virus, which has caused the death of 80 people in China, has also knocked in Bihar. A girl from Chapra Nagar of ​​Saran district is suspected to be infected by the corona virus. She studies medical in China and returned home only a few days ago. The state government has issued an alert to all districts.

Keeping in mind the tourists associated with Buddhism coming from China in Gaya and Rajgir, the health department of Bihar government has issued an alert to all districts regarding the corona virus. Along with this, advisory has also been issued to all districts and health institutions regarding rescue.

For the purpose of tourism in the state, it has been instructed to keep a special watch on tourists coming from China and its border countries at the tourist sites connected with the Buddha Circuit. In these, Patna and Bodh Gaya airports have also been specifically asked to keep an eye. Tourists come to visit these places in large numbers from China and nearby countries to visit Buddhist shrines. There is a risk of viruses coming with them.

What is Corona Virus

Samples of this virus taken from patients have been examined in the laboratory. Subsequently, Chinese officials and the World Health Organization said it was a corona virus. There are several types of corona virus, but only six of them were known to infect people. But after the detection of new virus, this number will increase to seven.

Analysis of the genetic code of the new virus suggests that it is more proximal to ‘SARS’ than other corona viruses that have the potential to infect humans. The corona virus named SARS is considered quite dangerous. SARS infected 8,098 people in China in 2002 and 774 of them died.

Where did the new corona virus come from?

This is a completely new type of virus. They move from one species of organism to another and then infect humans. During this time, they are not known at all.

According to Professor Jonathan Ball, a virologist at Nottingham University, this is a completely new type of corona virus. It is possible that it have reached humans only through animals. The virus of SARS was transmitted from a cat species to humans. However, nothing has been said about its original source officials.

80 people died in China

So far 80 people have died of the deadly corona virus in China and 2,744 people have been confirmed to be affected by the virus. China’s National Health Commission said that 461 patients among those undergoing treatment are in critical condition. The virus is officially being called 2019-NCOV.

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