Game up, with Makeup ft. Mua Shreya Bhandari

In a world where everyone wants more, no matter how tasty the cake is, it always requires a cherry on the top for decoration, for adding to it’s taste and making it more desirable.

Gone are the days when there were just five things on the makeup stores. When the lipstick shades were restricted to 12 and eye extensions weren’t even a thing. Gone are the days when naturally beautiful girls went to office with just a sun cream on, I wonder if you’re aware but we’re got makeup for skin to make it look like there’s no makeup. You see, the cherry on the cake keeps getting better.

And makeup is just another form of art. There’s colours involved, brushes involved, and a lot of practice and technique to make sure it blends properly and ends up perfect. With the evolving fashion industry, beauty and personal care is now a necessity for all. There’s so much you can do for yourself because it’s not just important to look good, but to feel good, to feel happy, and confident. For happy girls are the prettiest and sometimes a few reminders and compliments can do it for you.

And makeup doesn’t come differently for different sizes, it fits us all. Nobody comes up to you and says that colour is not for your size. For colours don’t belong to someone or something, they’re for everyone equally.

In the modern times, we’re so passionate about our own selves, fitness is always trending and self care is a necessity. All those fitness trainners and beauticians are no more for those limited people, rather for the whole lot who’d love to dazzle around.

makeup artist by shreya bhandari


So grab your phones and open instagram to visit Shreya Bhandari’s profile @makeupartistrybyshreya and learn to blend the anxiety away.

Also, if you want to experience or learn how to do Make Up, attend the self Make Up course, hurry and book the slot with the lady herself- A renowned Mua, an Educator, an Influencer!
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Watchout this space for more. And love yourself!

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