Do you get pangs of jealousy when you see your friend posting a photo of his new expensive watch or pefume or new shoes ?

Do you desire to buy those balenciaga sneakers even though in your heart you know they look like brick and have more colors than rainbow and you would never even think of buying them if it wasn’t to make your instagram “friends” jealous or to create an “impact” ?

If you feel all those things welcome to the materialist millenial group.
Materialism is somewhat of a guity trait we all display at some point in our lives. Some manage to control it whereas for some , it has now become a part of their lifestyle. We all want physical comforts in our lives so nothing’s wrong in being a materialist. However what’s wrong is to become hyperbeasts.

Hyperbeast culture comprise majority of millenials who buy impulsively to keep up with latest trends and have submitted to those desires. Majority of millennials are repressed by people’s perception in relation to the brands they wear, what phones they have, and what car they drive. We want big screen phones in our hands and smaller one’s on our wrist knowing that the latter is not solving a unique purpose but we still want to own it because everyone else around us is.

Its time we cease to spiral into despair in the race of social approval from instagram veneers and think about ouselves first.

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