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Pizza Places in Delhi : Where happiness is served!

Looking for a pizza place, just right in your budget, hygienic, a meal to spend quality time with friends/ family. You are landed on just the right blog. Let’s talk about the finest pizza places in Delhi, got you a couple of authentic places too.

1. NYC.PIE :

pizza in delhi

As the name says, New York City, true to its name, this place gives you the finest pizzas in New York Style. It used to be heaven for non-vegetarian but guess what, they have adapted to the Indian style and have introduced vegetarian options as well, so if you have been putting this place off your list, it is time to put it back up and have fun. Can’t pick up a recommendation for you all so all the best!

2. Jamie’s Pizzeria :

pizza in delhi
Jamie’s Pizzeria

A place where you can actually see how they are doing their work for you from cutting a piece of dough for your pizza to cutting it into pieces for you. Certainly from far away. If you love chilli, oh you gotta ask Chilli Freak.

3. Big Chill Cafe :

pizza in delhi

Big Chill Cafe

Calm surrounding, with long waiting time but gotta say, worth it. Even though it is heavily crowded (well, wallflowersg you covered that part), you can easily talk over all the chattering. Nice staff and food? Mind-blowing. If this is not your list then why would not put it up. If confused how to handle so much of deliciousness together yet have the majority of slices by yourself, order pizza rolls. (wink, they are pretty solid to ask anything after that, and by the time you are there, don’t forget to try Very Berry Cake, welcome me later. ;))

4. Napoli Pizza :

pizza in delhi

Napoli Pizza

The pizza was invented/ discovered in 1861, in Naples. (Now you ask me why history class here, wallflowersg? Well, because the next point will make you go nuts. Well, it did to me.)Napoli Pizza is actually made on the original (or maybe similar, oops) recipe, with all the yeast, water, salt, oil….. (dude, basic ingredients) which are imported directly from Italy. (I know, don’t look like this)So yes, go and try this true craziness and enjoy your weekend and weekday. Must try, Napoli Speciale (I mean what’s fun if you don’t try that)

5. La Pizzeria :

Let’s go back to the place and that authentic taste when (and even now) pizzas were cooked in small cave like space with wood on fire!yes, yes, it is total safe place to go around but don’t get too close, you can feel a similar burn outside already in this 43 degree. So, back to the main point, you can see chef making your pizzzaaaaaaa!!!! (I’m still a kid at heart, don’t complain.)Well, try anything you love, wink, wink. (Ok, I watch Young Sheldon and he gave me those 2 words, don’t get mad!)

6. Baking Bad :

pizza in delhi
Baking bad

Craving pizza in the middle of night? Well, well, well, you were complaining about me chatting? You gotta bear with me because I brought you a pizzeria that serves you in the middle of night. No doubt it is named Baking Bad, wink wink. Half asleep and craving pizza, well so are they so you can customise your pizza. Your welcome! So, go and have some. Just for the record they are open till 4 am. When do they open? Well, I don’t know, they work till 4 am, give them break! Geez!

7. Insta Pizza :

pizza in delhi
Insta Pizza

Personal favourite but I’m not going to talk a lot as you already don’t like me talking too much.Have deep dish. Well, it keeps me busy and shut, it will work with you too.

8. Diggin :

pizza in delhi

Yes, dig in your pizza! Well, ok, bad joke.Going on date in light environment? Meeting a friend or want to pamper yourself? Well dig in! ok ok no more bad jokes! So this is the place pretty, light, nice and soothing. Yes, I said that, not move on. Well, try your luck and enjoy everything they have but more of pizzas, please.

9.Fat Lulu’s :

pizza in delhi
Fat Lulu’s

So let’s see what do they have? New York Style pizzaWood fire ovenHand tossed pizzasThin crust
what else are you looking for in a pizza? Go ahead, try their delicious range. I’m not telling you my fav.

10. Pizza Hut :

pizza in delhi
Pizza Hut

One of the best place to have their best pizzas, yes not all outlets give you same quality. Sorry, hard to digest this fact.In Connaught Place, near Sarwana Bhawan and in Sector 6.Your welcome. I’m not going to copy their menu here, oops.

11. Domino’s :

pizza in delhi
Dominos Pizza

Well, good service, consistency in their taste. What else do you want? Extra cheese? Well, ask them.

12. Grill Inn :

Looking for a cheap place to get good quality pizza? Grill Inn got you covered! Yeah, not much about it because you don’t have heart to read anymore.

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