chaap in gurgaon

This one for all the food lovers in Arcadia market, South city 2, Gurgaon sector 49.

What is food? Food is something that goes into your stomach and conquers your mind.
Today we are going to introduce you to something of same kind. By eating this will surely have a FOODgasm.
Snacks that your tongue will never forget and the spice in the food will not even let your stomach forget it till the morning.

Here you can have some of best chaap in whole new Gurgaon.

Chaap here are beautifully garnished with cream and mint leaves, and contains a good amount of thick gravy in it. They are served with some onions mixed with green chutney and a Rumali roti with daimeter of 50cm which is more than enough to bring your soul out of the body.

Here all the dishes are must try especially Taka-tak chaap and chur chur chaap( for spice lovers).

And the best part is your tummy will get filled under ₹ 200 bucks, which is highly economical.

chaap in gurgaon
Butter Masala Chaap

Name : Punjabi Chaap Corner

Address : Arcadia Market, sector 49, Gurgaon, Haryana

Price : ₹ 150 – 200 for 2

Ratings : 4.5/5

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