amrik sukhdev vs garam dharam

Today comparison is amongst/ between the 2 of the best places to eat at Murthal i.e. Amrik Sukhdev and Garam Dharam. Murthal is only 60 KM away from Delhi this place which has now become a trending place and like heaven for all the foodies especially for the ‘paratha’ lovers. Though this place is a bit overrated but is never disappointing.

Both the ‘dhabas’ are next to each other and it is always a tuff call to decide where to go.

In this blog I’m comparing the 2 for what they are famous for…

1. Amrik Sukhdev

This place is just ruling over all the other ‘Dhabas’ there and the reason is also very simple. This place never disappoints when it comes to food or service or anything. The parathas here are just amazing and when eaten with white butter and ‘nimbu ka aachar'(lemon pickle) it is on a whole different league.

Ratings :-

FOOD : 4/5
SERVICE : 4.5/5
AMBIENCE : 3.5/5
PRICE : 4.5/5

2. Garam Dharam

Garam Dharam is the new entry at Murthal and has gained a good name in very less time. The place is huge and is based on Bollywood theme, where one get plenty of pictures, but the food and service does not match up the hype of the new dhaba.

Our experience at Garam Dharam was very bad, first we had to wait around 20 min for the waiter to take our order, then 40 min for the food and that was also not worth it.

The service is really very slow and food is also okay okay. Do not expect much from this place and is only one time try only.

FOOD : 3/5
PRICE : 4.5/5

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