Why to watch Gulabo Sitabo

Director: Shoojit Sircar

Cast :
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Mirza
  • Ayushmann Khurrana as Baankey Rastogi
  • Vijay Raaz as Government Officer
  • Brijendra Kala as Lawyer
  • Farrukh Jafar as Fatima Begum

Where : Amazon Prime

First of all, Gulabo Sitabo is a very non Bollywood type movie, that most of the people might not like and will fail to understand.

Story :

The movie Gulabo Sitabo revolves around an old Haveli(Mansion) in Lucknow city that was captured by the tenants which who were neither vacating the house nor increasing the rent. Fatima Begum was the owner of the house and was married to Mirza, who was a greedy old man, who was obsessed with Fatima Mahal and was 15 years younger than Fatima Begum.

Ayushman Khurana played the role of Baankey Rastogi, one of the few tenants in Fatima Mahal who paid less than ₹100 as rent to Mirza. In the entire movie the tenants were not ready to vacate the house, so that they could acquire the property, which was very common in that time and many landlords lost their property to the tenants.

In the movie, it is shown that how Mirza, Baankey, government, lawyer and property dealer tries to acquire the property of the old Begum. Though the ending was completely unexpected and I think people who lost their property in such incidents will relate to it.

The message in the story that people failed to understand was that people are so blind or greedy for money that they if they are getting money they just follow the easy way, and gets satisfied with what they get, without realizing the true worth of it.

In the whole movie, we can see that thing happening twice, first, when Mirza was ready to sell the property at ₹5 Lakh only, without actually knowing the true worth of that Haveli, that costs many crores.

Second, When Begum leaves an antique chair for Mirza, he was so acquisitive that without realizing its actual worth, he sold it for ₹250, that later went to resale for ₹1.35 Lakh.

Overall, somewhere I felt that the movie failed to convey this message in a better way.

Rating : 2.5/5

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