t series vs pewdiepie

1. Reliance JIO

Reliance jio is the biggest factor behind t series internet success. Reliance jio is a telecom service provider owned by Mukesh Ambani, and it offers unlimited calling and high-speed internet at $6 USD(even less than that) for 3 months.

jio t series vs pewdiepie

Jio became so popular and with jio phone, it just boosted up the number the internet users.

2. T series reality

t series vs pewdiepie

People who think t seriees is just a youtube channel dont know anything. T series is a very huge Indian films and music production company started in year 1983 and since then it started gaining its popularity. Now t series haas become a very strong and influencial company.

3. Video releasing frequency

T series being a huge company releases many videos a day whereas Felix(Pewdiepie) being an individual post 1 video a day

4. Content

T series by its content attracts more and more people to come and watch it videos and on youtube platform its reach just increased by a lot. Now when it comes to Pewdiepie, though it is very very tuff to create daily content but still he is doing it from a long time and its really very stunning. But from quite some time and due to youtube policies the content quality has gone down.


india population t series vs pewdiepie

This one is not why t series will beat pewdiepie, but why pewdiepie will win and a point that needs to be clarified to all. Though it is true t series have a population advantage but still Pewdiepie’s reach is more than t series. It is because the English speaking audience is far more than the Hindi speaking audience.

So what’re your views on t series vs Pewdiepie on who will reach 100 million first?

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