What to gift her on Valentines day

With January almost over, it is already the time to celebrate your loved one, your beloved! 14 February/ Valentines day around the corner, it is time, all the guys and girls are going to flood the shops and open their wallets, purchase something really good for the one they cherish from their savings.

Here are the top 20 things, we recommend you guys to buy for your girlfriends!

1. Chocolates:

gift for valentines day

2. Teddy bear :

gift for valentines day

Teddy bear!! (oh my dream!) Don’t forget this one for your girl. Tell her maybe, when you miss me, hug it?
I just got you covered!

3. Dinner / Lunch :

gift for valentines day

Now don’t tell me it will be expensive! As I said, got you covered:- McDonald’s (Happy meals, make her smile and her childish behavior too!)- Pizza Hut (Quality and her above all!)- Dominos (Because you can’t wait for too much to make her smile with her fav pizza!)- Subway (It’s the diet-conscious time!)- Club maybe?- And rest you know what she prefers!

4. Jewelry :

Jewelry? Worry not, going to attach loads of links that I love rest you can browse through :)Chill, everything will be pocket-friendly!

  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2
  3. Option 3

5. Personalized Picture Frame

6. Nail Paints

7. Ear rings-

  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2
  3. Option 3
  4. Option 4
  5. Option 5

8. Fragrance Candles

  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2

9. Snake Plant :

It’s high time to take care of her health, how about saving her family too by gifting a snake plant which will keep the air in her home/ room clean and fresh? ( click here to buy)

10. Eye shadow palette :

They are everywhere! Go ahead get some from Nykaa, Amazon Prime!

11. Lip balmsBody shop, mac

12. Novels!

Girl Power! Despite the fact it is 2020! You gotta empower your woman because we can still find misogynis, gender discriminator everywhere! So go ahead with gifting some girl power novels to your girl, if only she is a reader.

13. Body CareBody shop has best gifts! You can pamper yourself too!

14. Her favorite perfume Eva, Victoria secret, and a lot more!

15. Downloaded series! A sort of series marathon!Netflix, amazon prime!

16. Love letterHandwritten letters can never go out of fashion!

17. Gift cards Something easier than love letters, but worth it!

18. Little something for her hair! If you tell me hairpins, hair clips, etc are for young girls, you are wrong!

19. Backpack, cross body bags. It is not the week to show off your love, but also to take care of the one you love. Backpacks are something your girl can never say no to. No matter what happens, she would want.Where to get from?Ans- Myntra, H&M, Miniso, Madame, Amazon, Shein, MaxFashion

20. Faux fur eye mask!For beauty sleep!Where to find best?H&M, Miniso

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