Typewriter- ‘its time to catch a ghost’

Surjoy Ghosh’s series on Netflix is riveting. Kids and a dog are the protagonists. The series will make you so engrossed that you might believe what you see.

So, let me take you through the spooky series:

Plot:- Ghost hunt is the main mission of bunch of kids along with their dog and for this purpose, they get attracted to haunted “Bardez villa”. Soon after their discussion, a family moves in with main lead Jenny whose childhood was spent in this spooky villa.

Jenny’s grandfather was the owner and was a famous writer whose book “Ghost of Sultanpore’ is a main topic of discussion.

As the family moved into the villa ghostly things started to happen. Three people were killed and in some way are connected to Jenny. Police struggles to solve this unnatural death mystery which looked like someone has squeezed blood from their heart. Sam ( star-kid) along with her buds started on mission ghost hunt as she thought that meeting a ghost might help her in meeting her mom who was no more.

Sam witnessed Jenny killed someone after which she immediately ran to church for the service and finds Jenny sitting there. Later she met her and asked her to help her in meeting her mom and accused her of being a ghost. Jenny went to Ravi (Sam’s dad who was the inspector) and informed him about Sam’s accusation but Jenny is herself confused with what all is happening after which she dreamt about an evil twin.

She woke up and realised how real it was. Sam solved half of the mystery by finding about “Fakeer” who was the evil character in the book. Mosses(old cranky man who became friends with Sam ) used to work in the villa and told about Fakeer who claimed that he had supernatural powers that he used to kill innocent people for which he was caught and blindfolded as his power lied in his eyes. Fakeer met Madhav ( Jenny’s grandfather) in jail as Madhav wanted to write something real in his book. While reciting his story Fakeer asked for wood log which he scraped with his nail and made a doll which looked like him. Fakeer was later hung to death in jail after which Madhav took his dead body to Bardez villa in order to check his supernatural powers which actually made Fakeer alive and then Madhav killed him with typewriter in which Fakeer’s soul got stuck, Jenny in her childhood left blood while playing h with it which gave birth to an evil twin entered her life. One man planned to bring Fakeer back on blood moon night. Everything was going well according to his plan when suddenly kids took the typewriter out of the villa and burn it. Evil twin also got killed and that man jumped along with typewriter into the trench.

The mystery got solved but soon after the man was seen crawling nearby typewriter and offered Fakeer his life. That man was actually Fakeer’s son.

Overall review-

It’s a one time watch and won’t be too scary as per the genre but still interesting as it’s well presented with correct timings. Few characters were present just to complicate the story which was not necessary. Kids were the main charm of series and acting done by Paulami Ghosh (Jenny) was on point.

Rating :- 3/5

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