Sacred games 2

Sacred games (season 2)- A lost touch to the story.

In comparison to Sacred games season 1 this season has a complete different story. Protagonist Gaitonde is seen in complete different sort of role which might make you think that this is not what we want. This season could have been presented very well than its prequel but it failed to do so. New characters entered which were gratifying in early episodes and made us expect more but all this was tangled in last half of the season. You can expect some clever moves in the story which are quite appreciable. Basically this is about how guruji made a control over several people using drugs in form of capsule and a drink. He used to make people believe that he knows everything from past and future.

He practiced some irrelevant procedures with his followers in order to return in satyug from kalyug. Nobody questioned him and blindly followed everything said by him. Ganesh gaitonde used to call him his third father as he attained peace when he met guruji and when all his life became a mess he felt like this is the only path to move on in his life.

Sacred games season 2

Guruji made a plan for nuclear explosion which according to him will make everyone enter in satyug where everything will bring peace and harmony and for him kalyug is a destructive yug which will sooner or later vanish.

Inspector sartaj singh on the other hand did all his efforts to save mumbai . He got to know that his father was also one of guruji’s follower which left him shattered. On reaching last half of the season you’ll find that all this is a much bigger plan than it looked. Shahid khan who was involved in explosion planning also has some connection with sartaj singh which will be revealed in next season.

Gaitonde when realised that this explosion will destroy mumbai he wanted to stop its execution for which he was left with sartaj singh as his only option to save mumbai as he himself was in danger. He wanted to tell everything to sartaj but couldn’t as police came along so he shot himself as seen in last season. Sartaj somehow managed to solve all this mystery and was seen with bomb in last scene where everyone evacuated as they had no choice left but sartaj still had some hope for which he tried last three attempts of password for deactivating the bomb and with this episode ends and left us waiting for another season now.

Sacred games season 2

All in all I expected a lot more in this season but it was just satisfactory..😷
And again a wait of 6 months or soo🙄

Rating – 3/5

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