rocky rascal

If you are planning to watch a comic web series this weekend, here is something I would like to suggest you that I came across on YouTube.

About :

Rocky Rascal is a 4 episode web series, adapted from Molliere’s comedy play “The impostures of Scapin.” Each episode is around 12 – 15 minutes long. This is the opening production of a youtube channel named ‘Sourav Bhati.’

Why To Watch :

The very first reason is that it is a web series and not mere vines. As mentioned, it is adapted from a play and given a modern touch to bring out the quality of the storyline along with understandable features for the audience. Next, all the artists, the cameraman, the editors, and director had no prior experience in the field of filmmaking or, I must say, in making YouTube entertainment content. Also the details they have worked upon are commendable and usage of flagship technologies have given some more enrichment to their videos unlike most of the Youtubers we’ve seen who did not invest in tech in the initial phase of their channel. Coming from a team of around 6 – 7 people, it is a great piece of art which is honestly portrayed in every single action, be it acting or editing or sounds etc.

Truly speaking, I found it amazing and I suggest everyone to watch this web series and check out new content and content – providers in town.

Start watching the first episode which is embedded down below and share it with your near and dear ones.

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