Little things ( season 3)

Netflix original series has raised the bar. In comparison to last two season of this series now life of protagonists have reached to some other level. A lot more reality can be seen this time defining what all changes occur in long distance relationship suddenly after living together for so long. Season 2 was all about living together and evolving with the changes by being together but this time distance is the main problem.

This season is very relatable to the one’s who are away from their beloved. It will surely teach you that how it is not important to love similar things and have similar interests instead it is all about growing up with the changes and accepting your partner with their interests. It is more about finding your happy place and encouraging your partner for choosing their.

Surely distance might be a drastic change as Dhruv and Mithila in this series faced lot of problems by being apart and not being able to understand each other the way they used to but somehow they managed to understand that for now they need to focus on their own careers and their family as well and distance won’t be a problem anymore because now they’ve learnt how important they are for each other and no distance can actually bring them apart instead it will only help them in knowing each other better and grow stronger together.

This season will surely make you realise that being away will never bring you apart as long as you are in love and understand each other well.
Overall if you haven’t seen this beautiful series, give it a shot.

Rating- 4/5

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