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Game Of Thrones : Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

Game Of Thrones is one of the greatest television shows ever made. The sheer scope and popularity of it is unparalleled. The show has been a global phenomenon for more than half a decade now, and now it is in its final season. As we wait for the second episode to come out, here’s a recap of episode 1 of the eighth season.

The episode begins with a little boy observing a massive army approaching Winterfell, along with the King in the North, Jon Snow and the self proclaimed rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Danaerys Targaryen. This is one of the many call backs to the first episode of the show where Arya was observing another king’s arrival in Winterfell. Speaking of Arya, she’s stood in the crowd watching the army and her half brother Jon, but she isn’t very thrilled that he’s with an outsider. The people of the north aren’t very thrilled with Dany’s arrival either, and then the arrival of her two dragons doesn’t help the case.

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Dany and Jon and their procession finally reach Winterfell and finally Jon is reunited with his brother Bran, though Jon quickly learns that Bran isn’t the person he used to be, in fact, he’s hardly a person at all. Sansa and Dany exchange pleasantries but it is evident that behind this diplomacy there is some resentment. Bran chooses this time to let everyone know that the Night King has broken through the Wall using an undead Viserion and the dead are marching south.

Then everyone goes inside to plan for the upcoming war but the northern lords aren’t too happy that their king bent the knee to a foreign queen, and that too a Targaryen. Jon says that if he had to choose between saving lives and saving his crown, he’d choose saving lives. Tyrion Lannister also announces that the Lannister army is marching north to assist them, but this announcement is also met with jeers and protests.

A little later Tyrion is reunited with Sansa and they reminisce about Joffrey’s wedding and Tyrion says that everyone who has underestimated Sansa is dead now. Reunion fest continues when Jon and Arya finally meet again in the Godswood and they talk about what they have been through.

Then we go to King’s Landing where Cersei is told by Qyburn that the Wall has fallen but Cersei isn’t too disturbed by this. On the horizon she sees Euron’s fleet sailing towards King’s Landing with Golden Company. We see that Euron still has his niece, Yara, captive on his ship.

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Euron and the captain of the Golden Company, Harry Strickland reach King’s Landing and they’re met by Cersei in the Red Keep. Strickland informs Cersei that the Golden Company is hers. Euron laments the fact that he’s done so much for the queen yet he gets no affection from her so Cersei finally relents and the two go to the Queen’s chamber to show each other some “affection”. Meanwhile, Theon sneaks into Euron’s ship to rescue his sister, Yara. Yara plans to go back to the Iron Islands but Theon wishes to go to Winterfell to fight with the Lannisters.

Then we see Bronn being approached by Qyburn and Qyburn gives him a crossbow as Cersei wishes to have her supposedly traitorous brothers killed. This is the same crossbow that Tyrion used to kill Tywin.

Back to Winterfell now. Dany is told that her dragons aren’t eating much so she and Jon decide to pay them a visit. Dany says that the dragons don’t like being in the North and then mounts Drogon. Dany encourages Jon to ride Rhaegal and he’s initially nervous but does it anyway. They fly around for a while until they reach a waterfall where they dismount. Jon and Dany also show each other some “affection” but oddly Jon finds himself being stared at by Drogon.

Back in the Winterfell’s forges Gendry, who is a weapon maker, presents the Hound with an axe made of dragonglass. They are visited by Arya, whom the Hound isn’t too stoked to meet as she had left him to die previously. Gendry and Arya flirt for a bit and then Arya gives Gendry a design for a new weapon and asks if he can make it for her.

Dany and Jorah go to visit Samwell to thank him for saving Jorah’s life. Dany then reveals that she killed Sam’s father and brother when they were her prisoners. Sam is visibly upset and excuses himself. On his way out he sees Bran in the courtyard who tells him that it is time to tell Jon about his true parentage. Sam finds Jon in the crypts and finally Jon finds out that his actual father was Rhaegar and his mother was Lyanna. Sam reveals that Jon is true king of the seven kingdoms to which Jon responds that it would be treason against Danaerys. Sam asks that Jon gave up his crown, would she do the same.

game of thrones

At the Last Hearth, Beric and Tormund run into Edd after their escape from the Wall. There they find the corpse of Ned Umber, a child who sent by Jon and Sansa to get his people to Winterfell. Ned’s body is bolted to a wall surrounded by severed limbs in a spiral. Ned comes back to life as a wight and tries to attack Beric and Tormund but Beric sets him on fire. It was a message from the Night King.

In the final few minutes of the episode we see a hooded man riding towards Winterfell. Upon his arrival, we see that it is Jaime Lannister. Jaime finds that Bran has been waiting for him. Jaime has a horrified look on his face as he was the one who pushed Bran off a tower in the first episode and that’s where the episode ends.

Episode 1 was a standard episode which set the stage for the events of the rest of the season. Though nothing major happened it can be assumed this is the calm before the storm. I’ll be back next week with a recap of episode 2

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