Chernobyl: A Powerful Depiction of a Horrible Event

Chernobyl Disaster is term that we all have heard about but not really knows in detail about how it happened, who was responsible it, what were the events that followed large scale nuclear reaction. Chernobyl, a miniseries by HBO puts light on this one of the biggest man made disaster of all times.
This series created and written by Craig Mazin and directed by Johan Renck can be said to be a masterpiece of depiction of true events leading to Chernobyl Disaster and the events that followed. The series lays more emphasis on some of unheard stories relating to attempts of many scientists, firefighters, miners who risk their lives in dealing with the situation. Series criticizes the Soviet government and is created with a sympetatic view towards affected public.


The miniseries is based on the recollections as told by Belarusian Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich in her book Voices from Chernobyl.
Chernobyl have succeeded dramatising a tragedy with an intelligent effort of writing and direction. Writing is very well supported by ensemble cast, all of whom have delivered a fine acting performance, specially the lead actors Jared Harris and Stallen Skarsgard.



Chernobyl is now being considered as one of the finest TV series of all times. The miniseries have been very well received by public as well as critics. On IMDb it hold the average rating of 9.6 stars out of 10, which making it the highest rated TV show of all time on IMDB.
Chernobyl has become not only the highest fan-scored TV show on IMDB, but also gained a massive success on online platforms. It got 52% of digital viewership from HBO Go, HBO Now and other OTT platforms beating the previous record of Game of Thrones which got 46%, during its recent eighth and final season.

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