I recently completed watching 13 reasons why season 3 and I ask myself why god why ? Why does it exist ?
When i wrapped up season 2 I told myself I am never going to watch this drama again but you know “netflix and chill ” so chilling ushered me to this once more. I am not going to give major spoiler here so you can read without getting anxious.

So from the trailer it was clear that this time its about Bryce’s death and who murdered him. In each of the 13 episodes every junior high student involved in Hannah’s case come to the radar of police scrutiny. The story is entirely in the back drop where Ani ,a newely introduced charcter is interrogated by the cops on the murder mystery of Bryce . So makers try to show how a rapist can change and audience too could sympathise with a character who people loved to hate earlier. As the story of season 3 unfolds we see Bryce trying to make ammends , trying to change but do people really change ?

13 episodes were getting too much for me so i tried to skip several episodes to watch the final one and get done with this murder mystery but i did’nt and i wonder why.
Anyway Clay Jensen is the same confused , nosy and righteous character this time too. Jessica Davis emerged as a strong survivor and becomes the student council head later on. Justin Foley is genuinely trying to get his life back on track but needs a little push here and there . Ani , we dont know why she is here but she is .

Final review :

Sometimes a show should not be continued beyond its first season because clearly it looks exaggerated. 13 reasons why is a winning example. If you are a devoted viewer then no one can stop you from watching it but if your time is way too precious and you would like to invest in something worthy SKIP it. All in all it is a cute seemingly unrealistic high school drama which was pulled beyond its limit.

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